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Bikram Yoga Roma is the first and only original Hot Yoga studio in Rome.

A warm and welcoming studio for practitioners of all levels, from beginners to more experienced.

Bikram is a therapeutic healing Yoga conceived by Bikram Choudhury which consists of a now famous sequence of 26 postures that are extremly beneficial for the practitioners regardless of age and experience and which has profound healing power on the body and mind.


The class lasts 90 minutes and takes place in a room heated to 40°C (104°F). The heat allows muscles to stretch safely, the body to cleanse itself through perspiration, and blood to circulate more efficiently, allowing veins, arteries and internal organs to be cleansed.


Bikram stretches and strengthens muscles of the whole body, increases circulation to internal organs and glands, calms the nervous system and improves concentration.


The Bikram Yoga class is accessible to all, suitable for every level of practice regardless of age, body type, fitness level and experience, from beginners to seasoned professionals. Beginning with one’s focus on breathing. All else will be achieved over time with a consistent pratice.

Intro 14 days only for new students only resident

If you have never attended the studio, have never practiced Bikram and you are resident in Rome (or province), the intro offer is a Pass valid for 14 consecutive days which allows you to try all the available lessons at a price of €50

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With Valentina Scolaro

It’s time to open up to a new feeling, it’s time to observe ourselves with new eyes to understand our true Nature and Essence. Through the Kundalini Activation Astral Work session you will have the opportunity to meet and awaken your Kundalini vital energy and through CONSCIOUS transmission you will allow ENERGY HEALING AND INTEGRATION OF KUNDALINI ENERGY in your energy system and in your life.

Give yourself this gift, you won’t have to do anything: simply turn your attention towards yourself and be ready to welcome what is yours. Let go of all expectations, open your feelings and discover the nourishment your soul can receive during this profound connection.

Let yourself be guided on this experiential journey through an act of surrender and trust in yourself, recognizing how generous existence is and the universal energy we have at our disposal.

So lie down, close your eyes and let yourself be carried away by the notes of wonderful music that will accompany you on this exploratory journey, bringing new awareness and renewed potential.

In the final phase of the session, I will lead you to reach the state of pure Third Dimension, from which you will receive the most subtle and profound vibrational energy transmission of secret mantras. This frequency change allows the cleaning and purification of your Astral Body. You will feel a sense of deep peace and calm, coming from a place of pure consciousness. This phase is essential to integrate the wonderful experience lived.
Are you ready for change?

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Our Classes

We offer more than 25 classes a week.

Bikram Yoga, Bikram Flow, Baby Rocket, Forrest Yoga, Hatha Raja Yoga, Kundalini, Kura Medicine Yoga, Inferno Hot Pilates, Inversion, Mobility Flow, Rocket Yoga, SG Vinyasa, Vinyasa Flow, Yin, Yin Flow.

Private lessons

If you want to start practicing one on one, if you want to improve your practice or work on something specific, there is nothing better than practicing in a hot room with a teacher at your complete disposal.
Contact us to find out more and book your private lesson.

Workshops and Events

Bikram Yoga Rome offers you monthly workshops and events  with the most qualified teachers, from all over the world, and for every level of practice.

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