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We offer you more than 25 weekly classes to try out the various disciplines and the benefits of different practices.

  • Bikram Yoga

  • Bikram Flow

  • Forrest Yoga

  • Hata Raja Yoga,

  • Kundalini,

  • Kura Medicine Yoga,

  • Inversion,

  • Rocket Yoga,

  • SG Vinyasa,

  • Vinyasa Flow,

  • Yin,

  • Yin Flow.


Bikram yoga is a form of hot yoga that takes place in a heated room with a temperature of around 40°C and 40% humidity. The practice consists of 26 asanas performed in sequence, covering a wide range of postures that work the entire body. This type of yoga was created by Bikram Choudhury in the 1970s and was developed with the aim of improving the body’s flexibility, strength, circulation, and overall health. The warm, humid environment helps you sweat and release toxins. Bikram has gained a loyal and passionate following world wide thanks to its intensity, detox effect and constant listening to the body.

Bikram Flow

Bikram flow is a variation of Bikram yoga that combines traditional elements of Bikram with a more dynamic and flowing approach. Instead of following a rigid routine of 26 asanas, Bikram flow encourages creativity and freedom in practice, allowing the teacher to create a more personalized sequence suited to the needs of the participants. This type of yoga is less intensive than classic Bikram and focuses more on breathing, flexibility and strength, making it more accessible to a wider range of practitioners.

Bikram Music Class

Bikram Yoga Music Class is a form of yoga that uses music as support during practice. This type of yoga follows a specific sequence of postures and breathing developed by Bikram Choudhury and is practiced in a warm environment to promote flexibility and perspiration. Music is used to help keep pace and focus during practice.

Baby Rocket

The class is designed to be accessible to all levels. It follows the format of a Rocket 1 practice with fewer postures and a slower pace. It is an excellent lesson for all beginners to approach the more advanced Rocket sequences.

Kundalini Yoga

Kundalini yoga is a form of yoga that aims to awaken spiritual energy within the body through breathing techniques, meditation, mantra chanting, and physical postures. The word “kundalini” refers to a spiritual energy that is found at the base of the spine and which, according to tradition, can be awakened to achieve greater awareness and spiritual realization.

Forrest Yoga

Forrest yoga is a form of yoga developed by Ana T. Forrest in the 1970s. It focuses on the connection between body, mind and spirit through intense postures (asanas) and deep breathing. Forrest yoga features a dynamic sequence that encourages individual freedom and expression, while the practice is tailored to meet the needs of each individual participant. This type of yoga places special emphasis on physical strength, flexibility, and emotional connection, helping to heal physical and emotional blockages. Forrest yoga is an intense practice that requires physical and mental effort, but at the same time offers a deep feeling of peace and well-being.

Kura Medicine Yoga

Kura Medicine Yoga is a new format created by Marzia Mastropietro for all students of Bikram Yoga Rome and also for those who want to approach the practice of yoga gradually and slowly to fully understand its physical and psychological benefits. Tranquility, balance, conscious breathing… kindness and a good dose of self-observation. Points that, if pursued with constancy and dedication, bring well-being and stability to the students, inside and outside the studio.

Inferno Hot Pilates

Inferno Hot Pilates is a form of physical training that combines elements of Pilates with the use of high temperatures. During an Inferno Hot Pilates class, a series of exercises are performed that involve strength, balance and flexibility. The exercises are designed to work the entire body, focusing attention on the abdominal muscles, core and glutes. Overall, Inferno Hot Pilates aims to improve muscle strength, stability and endurance, as well as promote weight loss. The warm environment can also promote greater flexibility and agility.


Inversion Yoga is a form of yoga that focuses on practicing inverted poses, such as backbends, head-down poses, and hand-on-the-floor poses. These inverted poses are intended to improve blood circulation and nervous system health, as well as strengthen the upper body and improve concentration and calmness. Inversions can be challenging and require good flexibility and physical strength, so it’s important to practice them carefully and under the guidance of a qualified teacher.

Mobility Flow

Mobility Flow is a Fluid and Mindfull Vinyasa practice. The intention of this class is to bring ” Wellness inside & outside your body “. Every week MCJ will offer to work on a Specific area of the Body, also in terms of ” themes” such as like: – Elements- Chakras- Intentions- Body Awerness. The main goal of this Flow is to leave you Balanced & Aligned through your Body, feeling all the Benefits Inside and Outside your Mat

Rocket Yoga

Rocket Yoga is a form of yoga that combines traditional Hatha Yoga asanas with more dynamic and fast-paced sequences. It focuses on improving flexibility, strength and balance, and aims to provide a complete workout for body and mind. It was developed by Larry Schultz in the 80s and is based on the Ashtanga Yoga series.

SG Vinyasa

Sacred Geometry Vinyasa is a type of yoga created by Benjamin Sears that combines asana, breathing and active meditation with sacred geometry. Sacred geometry is an ancient tradition that uses mathematical shapes and patterns to explore the relationship between the universe and human beings. In this type of yoga, the movements, asana shapes and breathing are synchronized with the principles of sacred geometry to create a harmonious and meditative experience. The goal is to increase awareness of body, mind and spirit and to harmonize these three aspects.

Vinyasa Flow

Vinyasa Flow is a form of yoga that focuses on coordination of breath and movement. The word “Vinyasa” refers to a series of sequential poses (asanas) that are performed in sync with the breath. The “flow” refers to the continuity and fluidity of the movements, which are synchronized with the breathing. This form of yoga aims to create a constant flow of energy through the body, while increasing flexibility, strength and awareness of the breath. It is often practiced in a warm environment and can be adapted to different levels of difficulty.


Yin Yoga is a slow-paced style of yoga that focuses on long-term passive stretches to target the body’s connective tissues, such as fascia, tendons, and ligaments. The idea behind Yin Yoga is to use gravity and time to open up deep tissue and increase flexibility and mobility. It is a complementary practice to more dynamic and muscular yoga styles, such as Yang-type yoga or Vinyasa flow, and can be used to complement other forms of physical activity and exercise. The practice is usually done on the floor and involves holding each pose for several minutes at a time.

Yin Flow

Yin Flow is a more dynamic interpretation of traditional yin yoga. The positions held for long periods of time to increase the flexibility and circulation of the body’s energies alternate with more fluid and dynamic asanas for a deeper and more intense practice.

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